Ranch history


Harold Parish purchased the first 320 acres of the Parish Ranch in 1966.  The land near Mineral Wells, Texas, was so dense with cedar and mesquite trees it was nearly impassable.  Parish envisioned the land as a place to raise cattle and enjoy the outdoors with his young family, but it was in dire need of clearing and improvement. There were no fences, no roads and only one pond.  However, the industrious small businessman was not deterred. He was accustomed to taking risks and making much out of little. 

With optimistic vision and iron will, Parish began taming his 320 acres of wilderness. Relying on his family-centric work ethic, he recruited his father and three young sons to help. They cleared brush for roads and pastures, built fences, dug ponds, and removed countless rocks. Today, the sons affectionately recall those initial difficult years as “adventures with Dad.”  Their hard work began to pay off in 1968 when the land was sufficiently restored to sustain livestock, and Parish purchased his first cattle; twenty-five black Angus cows. 

Five decades later, the ranch has grown in size and philosophy, and family members are still the daily force behind every facet of its activities. It remains a productive cow/calf operation, specializing in custom grass-fed beef, without any added hormones and never treated with antibiotics.

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