Verified all-natural, Angus beef raised near Mineral Wells, Texas. Your beef is either grass-finished or grain-finished according to your preferences. If you have not purchased from us before, please read the information below.


Whole, half, and quarter custom beef options.


Raise the beef, “finish” it according to your custom specifications, and deliver it to the processor of your choice. We can recommend processors and assist you with packaging options.  Delivery to the processor is included in the price of the beef; however delivery to processors more than 100 miles from the ranch may require an additional delivery fee.



Choose how you want your beef “finished.”

Grass Finished: Diet consists solely of pasture grass, forage and/or hay. Grass-finished beef is leaner and has a flavor  described as “more intense” or “more mineral.”

Grain Finished: For 30-60 days before processing, the beef’s diet is primarily grain. Beef are fed all-natural grain with no hormones, no antibiotics, and no animal by-products. Specialty grain blends , such as corn-free, are available. Grain-finished beef is generally juicier, with  more marbling and  a “sweeter” flavor than grass-finished beef.

And Then: Select a  processor and complete a form instructing the butcher how to cut and package your all-natural beef. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with how to do this; we are happy to recommend processors and help you complete the form. Choosing the cuts of meats and package sizes that fit your family is one of the great advantages of custom beef!

Once your beef is ready, pick it up directly from the butcher.  We also offer delivery to your door for an additional fee.

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We are verified

Parish Ranch has met the requirements of the IMI Global (Where Food Comes From, Inc.) USDA Process Verified Program for Source Verification, Age Verification, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle, Verified Natural Beef